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The Abecedarian Walks | Updates on Twitter

During this extended hiatus from regular performance, I've embarked on a new project: walking around 26 islands whose names start with each of the letters of the alphabet.

Many places are still closed to international travelers, but Canitravel.net lists a few dozen "countries" open to Americans. As of late 2020, Aruba and Zanzibar were among those islands admitting visitors, so they were easy candidates for my first two installments of the Abecedarian Walks. The remaining 24 will be the product of my personal whim and the state of the world.

Recent walks:
Zanzibar Walk (Abecedarian Walk #2, February-March 2021)
Aruba Walk (Abecedarian Walk #1, December 2020 to January 2021)
Diners of New Jersey Walk (October 2020)
NYC-Boston Walk (August-September 2020)