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Five shows I've written, including one that ran Off-Broadway in 2006 and one currently in development

The Chagall Suite

A commissioned 8-movement piano piece inspired by Marc Chagall's artworks, and a tribute to Chagall and Elvis


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Musical direction

See my ideas regarding musical direction, see my resume, or let me coach you for auditions and give you accompaniment tracks to practice with

Transcription services

Send me a recording to create sheet music from, or have me transpose or arrange a song or instrumental work


Read accounts of my long-term trips and my experience on the Fosse tour

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Transcription Services

Let me create your sheet music in the keys you need. I can accept songs in a variety of formats and create professional-looking sheet music using Finale software.

Give me... And get...
  • Handwritten music
  • Sheet music in the wrong key
  • A recording on CD
  • An MP3 or other sound file
  • Pristine, easy-to-read print-outs of the music in your key
  • A perfectly formatted PDF file of the sheet music e-mailed to you, which you can print out

Pricing is as shown in the following table. A "lead sheet" is a single staff with the melody, lyrics, and chord symbols. A "piano-vocal score" is usually three staves: one for each voice part (melody and lyrics) and two for a complete piano accompaniment and, if the music is substantially chord-based, chord symbols. Per-page prices refer to the end result; the number of output pages may not be the same as the original sheet music. Per-minute prices depend on the difficulty of the music -- higher per-minute prices apply to music with fast notes or complicated chords; I will give a quote after hearing the music.

If you have... And you need... The price is...
A lead sheet A lead sheet in the same key or a different key $15 per page
A piano-vocal score A piano-vocal score in the same key or a different key $15 per page
A lead sheet A piano-vocal score (I can create a basic piano arrangement) $20 per page
A recording or sound file A lead sheet (vocal melody, lyrics, and chord symbols) $15-$45 per minute of material
A recording or sound file A piano-vocal score (vocal melody, lyrics, and piano accompaniment, with chord symbols if the music is substantially chord-based) $20-$60 per minute of material
A recording or sound file A piano score of complicated piano material $25-$100 per minute of material
Any of the above An orchestral arrangement Negotiable

For more information or to request a quote, please send a message to trans@sethweinstein.com. Quotes are generally provided within 48 hours.