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Trip 2 -- Southeast Asia

24 September 1998 to 26 October 1998

This trip was largely prompted by the All-Asia Pass - a splendid offer by Cathay Pacific Airlines that allowed me to travel round-trip to all of the above countries, and then within southeast Asia, for only $899. I'd had a desire to visit Indonesia for a long time, ever since I studied Indonesian gamelan music. Hong Kong was on the itinerary because it's a huge city with a fascinating Chinese-English culture (and of course there is the wonderful dim sum). Though I didn't know that much about the other countries, I knew enough to know that I wanted to go there, and they were easily accessible on this trip.

As the trip progressed, this seemingly unrelated mishmash of countries did develop a theme: colonization. Indonesia was Dutch for centuries, the Philippines were Spanish, and Malaysia and Singapore were British (though all of those countries were colonized by others at some point). Hong Kong had recently been handed back over from Britain to China, and Macau had just a year left of being Portuguese before it would become Chinese again. And Thailand was the only country of the seven that had never been colonized.

Part 1: Indonesia
24 Sep Subway: A line, 42 St-Times Square to Howard Beach-JFK Airport
24 Sep-25 Sep Air: Cathay Pacific #889, New York JFK to Vancouver
25 Sep Air: Cathay Pacific #889, Vancouver to Hong Kong
25 Sep Air: Cathay Pacific #777, Hong Kong to Jakarta
25 Sep-28 Sep Jakarta
28 Sep Bus: Jakarta to Bogor
28 Sep-29 Sep Bogor
29 Sep Bus: Bogor to Bandung
29 Sep-30 Sep Bandung
30 Sep Bus: Bandung to Yogyakarta
30 Sep-2 Oct Yogyakarta and Borobudur
2 Oct Air: Garuda, Yogyakarta to Denpasar
2 Oct-3 Oct Denpasar
3 Oct Bemo: Denpasar to Ubud
3 Oct-5 Oct Ubud
5 Oct Car: Ubud to Denpasar
5 Oct Air: Bouraq, Denpasar to Surabaya
5 Oct-6 Oct Surabaya
6 Oct Air: Cathay Pacific #780, Surabaya to Hong Kong
6 Oct Air: Cathay Pacific #903, Hong Kong to Manila
Part 2: The Philippines
6 Oct-9 Oct Manila
9 Oct Jeepney, bus, jeepney, and boat: Manila to Lake Taal
9 Oct Lake Taal
9 Oct Boat, car, jeepney, and bus: Lake Taal to Manila
9 Oct-10 Oct Manila
10 Oct Air: Cathay Pacific #906, Manila to Hong Kong
10 Oct Air: Cathay Pacific #751, Hong Kong to Bangkok
Part 3: Thailand
10 Oct-13 Oct Bangkok
13 Oct-14 Oct Train: #35, Bangkok to Butterworth
Part 4: Malaysia
14 Oct Ferry: Butterworth to Penang
14 Oct-16 Oct Penang
16 Oct Ferry: Penang to Butterworth
16 Oct-17 Oct Train: #9, Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur
17 Oct-18 Oct Kuala Lumpur
18 Oct-19 Oct Train: #SM11, Kuala Lumpur to Singapore
Part 5: Singapore
19 Oct-23 Oct Singapore
23 Oct Air: Cathay Pacific #710, Singapore to Hong Kong
Part 6: Hong Kong and Macau
23 Oct-25 Oct Hong Kong
25 Oct Foilcat: Hong Kong to Macau
25 Oct Macau
25 Oct Jetfoil: Macau to Hong Kong
25 Oct-26 Oct Hong Kong
26 Oct Air: Cathay Pacific #888, Hong Kong to Vancouver
26 Oct Air: Cathay Pacific #888, Vancouver to New York JFK
26 Oct Subway: A line, Howard Beach-JFK Airport to 42 St-Times Square