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Trip 18 -- Northeast Asia

7 to 29 June 2016

I'd been itching to go back to Russia for the first time since 1999 and see the Ysyakh summer-solstice festival near Yakutsk. Russia's new policy of granting Americans three-year multiple-entry visas removed the pressure of trying to see the whole country in one trip, so I focused on the east. The distances are still vast, however, and I didn't want an especially long trip, so I did more flying and took fewer trains than I might have wanted to. I was also eager to visit modern Seoul, even if I couldn't possibly do South Korea justice in only a few days. The weekly ferry from Korea to Vladivostok was the perfect way to connect the two countries.

Part 1 Climbing Korea
Part 2 Risking it all on Kamchatka
Part 3 Playing it safe around Lake Baikal
Part 4 Ysyakh with khomus and kumiss