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Trip 29 -- Tenerife Walk

30 December 2021 to 20 January 2022

This is the seventh of 26 Abecedarian Walks, my endeavor to walk around islands whose names begin with each of the letters of the alphabet.

Each "day" below corresponds to a walking day. Occasionally I took a day off from walking, and experiences from those days are incorporated into the previous or the following walking day's account.

In addition to these verbal accounts are musings, photos, and videos on Twitter.

Day 1 La Laguna to El Rosario
Day 2 El Rosario to Güímar
Day 3 Güímar to La Cisnera
Day 4 La Cisnera to El Médano via the unfinished leper colony
Day 5 El Médano to Costa Adeje
Day 6 Costa Adeje to Puerto de Santiago
Day 7 Puerto de Santiago to Buenavista del Norte
Day 8 Buenavista del Norte to Puerto de la Cruz
Day 9 Puerto de la Cruz to Tacoronte
Day 10 Tacoronte to Punta del Hidalgo
Day 11 Punta del Hidalgo to Taganana
Day 12 Taganana to Santa Cruz
Day 13 Santa Cruz to La Laguna
  Epilogue: Madrid Metro Fare Double Protest Walk