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About Me, the Traveler

Since 1997, I've taken one three- to seven-week trip each year. In choosing destinations, I pick a few places in a broad region that sound enticing, and then I figure out how to get between them. Cost is also a factor, which is one reason I've spent almost two weeks in Indonesia (where it took me a week to spend $100) and never toured France. I travel alone, for several reasons: I get to decide exactly what to do, I can be spontaneous, and it's easier to meet other travelers. I also don't know many people who have any desire to go to some of the places that, to me, seem the most interesting.

Until the airlines can guarantee a 100% accuracy rate with checked luggage and can get such luggage off the plane before the passengers, I'll continue to travel with a single carry-on backpack only. It's easier not to have a suitcase anyway. I take about four days' worth of clothes (there's always somewhere to do laundry) and all the necessities for hygiene. My preferred guidebooks are the Lonely Planet, Footprint, and Bradt guides and the Rough Guides, though I shop around.

Much of what fascinates me about traveling is watching the transitions between different places, and I'm just as happy to be on a train or bus as visiting a museum. I try to use public land transportation - I don't mind flying, but you don't get to see much scenery that way (except for the amazing view of Mount Everest on the flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa). For local transportation, I'm a subway nut, walking is splendid, buses are OK, and I abhor taxis - they're too personal.