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Trip 4 - Middle South America

25 October 2000 to 28 November 2000

It is difficult to cover all of South America in a month, especially when the five places you most want to go are at five geographical extremes of the continent. Realizing that it would be foolish to try to take in Machu Picchu, the Tierra del Fuego, the Amazon, the Iguaçu Falls, and Salvador da Bahia - especially traveling by land - in less than five weeks, I decided to put the focus on the central regions.

I balked at the idea of a trip with no train rides (except for the hokey tourist train from Machu Picchu), but I was surprised by the comfort, speed, and - with one exception - reliability of the buses. And on this trip I could speak the language virtually everywhere: All that high-school Spanish came back to me, and it wasn't too much of a stretch to be able to read a little Portuguese.

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