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Trip 15 - Central & East Asia

15 September to 28 October 2013

Ever since my Russian exchange student brought me a Bukhara book, I'd wanted to see the famous ancient Silk Road cities of Uzbekistan and the stunning architecture of turquoise domes and Persian calligraphy. I'd also long desired to experience the famous livestock market in Kashgar, China. In between were plenty of beautiful Tajik and Kyrgyz mountains and lakes. From Kashgar, I zipped east through China to the Xi'an terracotta army and the frenzy that is Shanghai. After that, Japan -- my favorite country for eating -- was just two ferry days away.

Message #1 Uzbek mosques, madrassahs, and mausolea, and what a difference Dushanbe makes
Message #2 Tajik weddings, Uzbek silk, and Kyrgyz walnuts and waterfalls
Message #3 Crossroads of the world
Message #4 Narrow alleys and sliding doors